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Lost in Communication

In my Coaching work with leaders I regularly work with their need to create alignment through communication. They have a regular need to inspire and unite their team whilst achieving 100% clarity of the action required - the mission.

When verbally delivering attack orders as a young military leader, I was drilled to always repeat the mission. The mission was a short punchy statement delivered twice to both inspire and unite the Marines in my charge. The intention was to create 100% clarity about what was to be achieved. There could be no 'grey areas'.

The military approach ensured that I was very well practiced in the requirement of thorough and detailed planning and preparation. Not just preparing in terms of information gathering or physical readiness but, more importantly, preparation of my communication. The term 'lost in communication' was NOT a term we recognised.

Teams require commitment, focus and collaboration, team-working, to achieve their many weekly missions and leaders must provide clarity and direction. Successful communication is the cornerstone for achieving team understanding, aligned action and successful outcomes.

A question for you as you start your new year, is your communication something you need to think about or, is there a pressing need to take action and improve this? If your need is action - please don't hesitate to reach-out to me, your mission will quickly become 'our' mission.

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