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The Power of Culture

Creating a positive, progressive and dynamic culture starts with individual intent and action. However, on numerous occasions our brains do not align, wandering-off and lingering on thoughts that do not serve us well.

Our brain lives either in our past or our future, it can also be in the here and now, 'the present' but sadly, this is less common. When loitering in our past our brain can prefer to dwell hidden deep within our regretful past overthinking past failures, embarrassments or missed opportunities - these negative thoughts do not serve us well. When in the future the brain can also take a wrong turn dreading what's ahead and worrying about what's just over the fast approaching horizon.

Haesun Moon's Dialogic Orientation Quadrant gives us a great visual representation of where our thoughts live. Being below the line, either in the past or future manifests as a negative existence. Being above the line, either in our resourceful and successful past or, in our preferred and exciting future is a polar-opposite and is therefore positive, empowering and will, without question, manifest with you being enthusiastic, optimistic and fully-charged with boundless energy.

When considering and working toward the culture that you want to create within your team, awareness of the DOQ will undoubtedly help. How do you keep your team's culture above the line, ensuring that the team's collective awareness has the power to quickly respond when individuals take a wrong-tun and end up below. We all have bad days, below the line, when nothing is going right. The empowering culture of the team must be so strong and ever-present that it can correct 'wrong turns' without breaking stride.

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