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Team Flow

Please take a look at the image of the winding river - now think of your team.

The river is meandering and because of this, it looks set travel up to the 4 times the distance from point A to B. However, we know that nature has a method to solve this and if we were to jump forward 100's of years, the river would have carved a more direct route.

Does your team meander? Or, does it have an acute-ability to focus on what needs to be done, moving with great purpose (flow) toward the desired outcome?

As the team's leader, what is your go-to-method when the team is meandering? How do you reboot clarity of task and focus, enabling a higher level of team-being. And what wisdom do the team possess that will grow this process?

Asking for, and unleashing the wisdom (creativity, opinion, concerns, values etc.) of the team is one of the best ways to ensure buy-in, commitment and positive contribution.

At MEK Coaching we work with leaders to ensure that their team can quickly; identify meandering moments, they know how and when to collaborate to reboot focus and take responsibility to achieve the best outcome.

If you want to improve your team - reach-out to me, I am keen to co-create in partnership with you, to ensure long-term, long-lasting team growth.

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