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Taking off the Handbrake

What's driving your decisions....

Taking off the brakes

In your life or work what's the biggest driver, the desire and ambition to win and enjoy success - or - the fear and avoidance of losing and having to endure failure?

With the Football World Cup getting into full swing we have already witnessed a few surprising results with both Saudi Arabia and Japan recording amazing and unexpected results.

So, I'm wondering what's the over-riding driver / influencer for the teams? For the under-dogs, with no 'real' high expectations, it's a simple answer isn't it - win/win - right?

However, for the highly favoured football super-powers surely the weight of expectation is something completely different. For me, as an Englishman, I can't help but think, here we go again.... I have become immune to the disappointment.

What drives the World Cup teams and their managers that determine selection, tactics, environment and culture. We know they feel the pressure (they're human) as they carry the weight of the hopes and dreams of their nation, it's a tough but extremely attractive gig for sure. Maintaining the balance of enjoying the moment with the need to perform at the highest level on the World's biggest stage is a challenge that needs constant attention. Teams leave no stone left unturned as they search for the perfect environment in which to maintain acute focus whilst allowing and promoting presence and performance in the moment.

As we navigate life, work, relationships, family etc. we face the same choice (albeit with far less pressure, attention and scrutiny). Win or lose, success or failure. There are only two sides of this coin right? And surely setting-out and working to avoid one does not automatically mean that you achieve the other.

When I'm coaching, with individuals or teams, working to 'release the handbrake' to enable the freedom required to think clearly (zero limitations), to act in alignment with beliefs, values and purpose (as well as the team's and company's), to reflect and to collaborate with key stakeholders in search of the right and best path forward.

Being the boss or managing-up and dealing with the boss also brings a significant demand, as the threat of loss or failure (the elephant in the room) looms in the corner of the office.

Having a thinking partner to address and unscramble these issues is what makes coaching so incredibly powerful. To try it, please reach-out and contact me #coaching

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